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The girl beside the flame ~ Nico Ching


Nico Ching – The girl beside the flame

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Добавлено: 06/03/2012
Альбом: Grafic

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06/03/2012 23:08   #1

The portrait of girl looking on flame and feeling a storm of emotions. She sits back for a fire but her sight is stuck on the flame. There is a mystery on her face, the fire attract her but she"s afraid at the same time. The flame is a symbol of big changes in her life which likes alluring but giving some worries. And of this confusions is full a young life and it"s a charm of youth...

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07/03/2012 09:31   #3

Отличная работа!

08/03/2012 03:47   #4

Where are you from? Great job! Really like it!

10/03/2012 11:50   #5

Thank you so much. I live in the Russia (Stavropol) & also in the Cambodia (Siem Rip)

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