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Sunshine - Moonshine. Послание любви Живопись 10 / 36

Sunshine - Moonshine. Послание любви ~ Зелинская Юлия


Зелинская Юлия – Sunshine - Moonshine. Послание любви
холст - 100% лен, масло - 2015 год размер 100x80 Моя персональная страница на FB https://www.facebook.com/Yuliya.Zelinskaya.Art/ Мой персональный сайт http://www.zelinskaya-yuliya.com/ SUNSHINE and MOONSHINE ~ Epistle of Love ~ The Aqua, waters complimenting the Golden-Peach like colours, mixing with the lighten-purples of the Retiring Sunshine. As he cast his rays up on the waters surface, as if, there were a large bed of diamonds, randomly scattered across the oceans waters. While Moonshine, waits her turn to take over the sky, it peeks through the binary compound of the atmospheric phenomenon, commonly known as clouds, high in the upper left part of the sky and cast it’s now weaken rays on to our eyes, trying hart to make night, of the day, as it too, cast it’s own light, it has takes form the sun, ready to give energy to the coming night.

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