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Повелитель дождя ~ Зелинская Юлия


Зелинская Юлия – Повелитель дождя
~ LORD OF RAIN ~ canvas - 100% linen, oil paintings size 100x80 centimeters Water is an inexhaustible source of a life giving liquid, as it cleans and gives forgiveness to the air we breathe. It connects the world we live in, to the heavens and gives life to the earth. When Hydrogen and Oxygen combines it becomes a purity of the elements of the subconscious along with emotions when in the missed of its presence. It gives a person the emotion, romance, sensitivity, imagination, and the ability to empathize and understand others without words. Like the touch of a hand, the contact of an embrace, a kiss of passion, the warmth of two bodies while in rain, bring comfort and a feeling of intense excitement and happiness, without a word spoken. Персональный сайт http://www.zelinskaya-yuliya.com/ e-mail: zelinskaya.yulia.art@gmail.com

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Добавлено: 06/06/2016
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