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Место обитания грез ~ Зелинская Юлия


Зелинская Юлия – Место обитания грез
SUNSHINE and MOONSHINE ~THE PLACE of DWELLING DREAMS~ “THE PLACE of DWELLING DREAMS” is a special location, hidden among the rugged Mountains and the windy Sea, where people to go to Dream of adventures or ideas ! Dreaming is a state of mind, in which we all can afford to take part in. It’s a place of ideas, emotions, sensations and escapades, that occurs in sleep and especially during those daytime dreams. Dreams crated the many wonders of the world as we know and help the sick and the injured to recover through a vision. It is a place of joy, where one can find pleasures among Ones self or find shapes of animals and faces in the clouds and images on a beaches among the seaweed and along the shoreline. If One Looks hard enough ...one may find in “THE PLACE of DWELLING DREAMS”, a subtle surprise upon the beach. Also, in My painting, I’m depicting the beauty, of the whole world of dreams, from a dwelling of solitude, as One would vision their dreams in delight with Terpsichore, (a Greek goddess; Delight of Dance), to dance beneath the rocky cliffs, to the secrets of the shore. While the up coming tide is being pushed by the large waves, eating away at the beaten cliffs. In Ones, imagination, they may want to walk across the walk way of light, bouncing off the windblown waters, only broken-up by the large sets waves rolling towards shore. From, “THE PLACE of DWELLING DREAMS”, is when One makes plans for the future, while they take walks along the waters edge finding treasures on the beach and treasures within their minds. Here on this day, the wind blows offshore, towards the Moon and the Sun, as they take their last changes in casting off their colours to this part of the world, before the day ends. Sending a sensation of beauty as One gets lost in the colours of the clouds, while One may have never seen before this night’s end. And as the lights bounces off the wind blown water and waves of the powerful Sea, which finally brings One to achieve the vision of their dreams. And let’s not forget the struggles of a lone tree, taking refuge behind The Dwelling, on the cliff’s edge, holding on, until that one day, it will finds it’s place in the sea. Sometimes we get carried away in our dream, and a dream will only come true if One takes the first step towards their idea, but if One stands in one place, the dream is just that, a dream that will not come true. Now “THE PLACE of DWELLING DREAMS” depends not only on us, it also conveys a sense that in life, dreams sometimes depend on divine forces. Also in this painting is an interesting mystery ... if you look closely at the painting ... you will find a treasure hunt, of the exact address of the habitat of dreams. From the raging waves, which, in the eye of fashion instantly can beat our expectations. ____________________________________ холст - 100% лен, масло - 2015 год размер 100x80 см Моя персональная страница на FB https://www.facebook.com/Yuliya.Zelinskaya.Art/ Мой персональный сайт http://www.zelinskaya-yuliya.com/

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