САД 110*110 cm, оригинальная картина маслом Живопись 27 / 68 3

САД 110*110 cm, оригинальная картина маслом ~ MARINA VENEDIKTOVA


MARINA VENEDIKTOVA – САД 110*110 cm, оригинальная картина маслом
2021, 110*110*1 см, Холст, Масло

Исходный файл: 2443×2443 px (1.1 Mb)
Добавлено: 11/07/2021
Альбом: Нечто, согревающее сердца

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You can watch the video of this picture with macro fragments at the link on my youtube channel
The large bright painting "GARDEN" impresses with the richness of color solutions and a variety of textures. It seems to charm the viewer, inviting him to enter the depths of the evening garden, illuminated by golden Chinese lanterns.
The meaning of the painting is also deep and multifaceted. He reveals the theme of happiness that each person creates himself in his thoughts about the future and the memory of the past.
In 2016, I wrote a poem, the content of which exactly corresponds to this painting. Now my verse and my painting have merged into a common work of art.
Beyond the horizon the horizon is we are going somewhere in the distance,
What are we looking for with a shot arrow? Where will the steel point?
What lands are ahead and who will meet us there?
In hope, the path runs and there is no account for miles.
What is left behind will lose its meaning,
Because we have forgotten how to appreciate the achieved idea,
We have forgotten how to bow to the gifts of heaven -
After all, there is no problem to conquer the whole world under our feet.

Take a chance and make a stop in the planned path,
Stop and evaluate what is better ahead?
Grow the garden that is now in your land,
Take care of those birds that sing only for you on the branches.
And the land that lies under your foot will become a paradise
And the soul will calm down, that it is in a hurry for the better.
After all, only you can warm up with your soul
And give love, looking into the eyes, and sing a song to the heart.

The painting is painted with active live strokes, it feels the play and movement of colors. The oil environment is displayed by the fluidity of its texture. The plot of the picture moves, changes and adapts to your mood.
The sides of the painting are a continuation of the image, so there is no need to frame the painting. The total size of the painted canvas taking into account the painted sides 115 115 cm (45.3 45.3 inches) plus 4 cm (1.6 inches) white.
The picture is ready to be sent in a roll in a tube, but according to a preliminary agreement, I can pull it on a stretcher, which will require an additional payment for postage.
Made on high-quality canvas (100% linen), canvas density 400 gr / meter. Used the best Russian oil paints produced in Russia, the city of St. Petersburg.
43.343.30 inches 1101100,1 cm
I did not attach the hangers on the back side, and I will attach them to the package.
The painting is accompanied by a certificate of copyright issued in Russia by the city of St. Petersburg.
Keywords... large oil painting, abstract painting, living room decor, emerald, turquoise, flowers, red, pink, coral, bright color, artist marina venediktova, painting as a gift

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Спасибо, за оценку

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